1 Hour

We will arrive within 1 hour.


Start from $5 for Residential & $15 for Commercial.

  Live Tracking

We deliver while you track.

Earn Money by Bringing New Business

You can earn $400-$800 weekly by bringing in Commercial Deliveries
  1. Be a part of our outdoor and indoor 'Premium Sales Team' who are earning a little extra than just the App deliveries earning.
  2. For indoor teams, you will be a self-starter to work from home from a Laptop or Desktop PC with high-speed internet and local business calling facility.
  3. Outdoor teams will receive our complimentary package by mail after confirmation including two 1Hourshipit branded t-shirts, caps, brochures and business cards to be handout to the potential businesses.
  4. Weekly, reach out to 50 and daily 10 different businesses and get them use 1Hour Shipit App for their product deliveries
  5. You will be required to wear 1Hour t-shirt and cap when delivering brochures/business cards.
  6. Get Paid Every Monday via 'CashApp or PayPal' - Bonus Structure is defined below.
  7. Receive $50/per day for the vehicle daily gas.
  8. Receive $20/per download and by referring each company/business to use 1HourShipit Delivery Service App
  9. To qualify to receive the following additional bonuses (You will send 30 business cards image, Name, email and contact numbers of the concern business/person for verification)

You will simply need to register by sending us your name, phone number, email address, residential/official address and W-9 Form to: business@1hourshipit.com Kindly mention Outdoor or Indoor 'Sales Team Submission' at the subject line.

Earn Money For downloads

You can earn $400-$600 From Home Inside/outside Sales

No Need to Qualify or call to get set up, All we need is Name/cell phone number/email address and follow step 1-10

  1. We pay $2.00 per downloads of commercial companies and $1.00 per residential.
  2. Our goal is to receive 100,000 downloads per year and we need you the public Help.
  3. This is a simple Process (Stop by any Business that ship packages, Example, office supplies companies, shipping companies, Medical distribution companies, any supply companies, Banks, Hospitals, Cakes and Floral shops),etc.
  4. We will send you Business cards or brochures to the address you provide us ,this also can be done from home,and you will not need these items but for best results you can go from door to door ,but not necessary.
  5. Simply explain what we do and how we combined Ridesharing technology and delivery company that ship next day and create this great new app that SHIPS there package within a hour ,we will arrive at the pickup destination within a hour and ship it right away for a fraction of the cost starting at $5 for residential and $10 per commercial and have them download the app then record email address and company name or residential name and that is it your job is done. if they download, you get paid.
  6. If you are in person ,collect a business card and email address and at the of the week send us it to the email we provide you.
    1. Your full name ,your list must be completed ,with the information we need name of company or residential and email address and phone number ,
    2. If over the phone we will need a list provided with the same information without business cards.
    3. Turn that information in on each Friday evening to be process over the weekend and paid on Monday via cashapp.
    4. If turned in after Friday After midnight ,It will not be Counted That week ,payment will be on the following week ,no exception.
    5. No payment Issue will be discuss over the phone only email ,Because we have people only working in this department,No phones.
    6. Please provide your contact details on business@1hourshipit.com