FAQs of Delivery Partners

You must be able to pass a minor background check and have no major felonies.
You must have good, reliable transportation. The only requirement is that your vehicle must be clean with no major felonies.
You must have state required insurance coverage and a security bond.
Money can be withdrawn from your account the following day after funds are received. You can make withdrawal requests daily.
You receive 70% of funds, while we collect 30% of funds. Insurance and bond fees will be your responsibility to cover.
You can get started by downloading our app and following the instructions to setup your account.
You must have:
  • A smartphone
  • A magnetic sign (for your vehicle)
  • At least 2 professional shirts, 1 pair of black pants & 1 hat
You must have no visible alteration to your body (tattoos, piercings, etc.) You must be professionally dressed (e.g. no sagging pants). The dressed code will be enforced.
Drug testing will be done on a random basis. You must submit a sample the day that it is requested. You will be placed on a 60 day probation for failing the first drug test. If you fail the drug test a second time, it will result in a permanent suspension. You will not be able to reapply for the position for one year.
You must have a valid driver's license or SR-22.
We are available all days 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Some contracts may include out-of-town trips. Each contract is voluntarily chosen, so you will decide how far you are willing to travel. However, generally out-of-town trips result in higher pay.
You will receieve a 1099 form and will be responsible for paying your own taxes.
As an independent contractor you are considered self-employed and not eligible for unemployment benefits.
You must be the only person in the vehicle when out on a delivery/contract. Children are also not allowed on premises. When you are not on contract you should not come onto the premises unless it is for work related matters. (ex. application forms, help requests, etc.)